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Why Join? 

The Texas Faculty Association

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Unique form for El Paso Community College

Now more than ever,
educators need to stand together.

Together, our voices can shape the future of public education. Together we are a voice for public education, for justice, and for the health and safety of our students, our schools, and our communities.

Below are a list of resources we provide, and rights we protect:

Information you can use
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Professional Resources
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Personal Resources
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Advocacy Resources
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Leadership Resources
  • Spearhead formation of a chapter on your campus

  • Take part in organizing efforts around issues of concern for you and your colleagues

  • Become an advocate for members experiencing job-related concerns

  • Take part in democratic governance at the annual TSTA House of Delegates and the NEA Representative Assembly

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Uplifted Youth


Volunteer leaders are the lifeblood of Texas Faculty Association. Interested members may serve as officers and committee members at the chapter and state level, and help shape TFA’s future by serving as delegates to the annual TFA House of Delegates. 

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