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May 18, 2021

Texas faculty group urges governor to allow colleges and universities to continue imposing mask requirements
Collin College - March 2 Board meeting.j

February 1, 2021

Texas Faculty Association outraged over Collin College firings; exploring legal options

October 28, 2020

Press release: Faculty group urges halt to in-person fall graduation ceremonies

April 26, 2021

Texas Faculty Association urges budget conferees to add another $1.2 billion for higher education to final appropriations bill
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November 12, 2020

Despite rising COVID-19 cases, universities including Texas Tech and Texas A&M are planning in-person fall graduations
On a Rock by the Ocean

October 23, 2020

TFA calls on Collin College to support and to protect faculty's freedom of speech
Businesswoman with Mask

March 3, 2021

Faculty group urges governor to keep mask mandate in place for university campuses

November 6, 2020

Press release: Professor and Texas Faculty Association leader elected to SBOE
Image by Scott Graham

September 22, 2020

Press release: Faculty group urges governor to require universities to publicly report COVID cases on campuses
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July 2020

DACA Statement
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