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Pat Heintzelman


Teaching at Lamar for nineteen years, I have seen many changes in students and in the educational process. I earned a B.A. in History and an M.A. in English from Lamar University. I have taught both freshman composition classes for all of these nineteen years and sometimes taught British Literature and World Literature. By teaching additional classes at Lamar Institute of Technology and Lamar Port Arthur, I also gained experience in teaching Technical Writing, Professional Presentation, Humanities and other similar courses. Eventually, I became interested in the shared governance side of working at a university. I have served on the Faculty Senate for most of my years at Lamar. Since joining TFA in the early 2000s, I have served in every position of leadership in the Lamar chapter. After serving as vice president for nine years, I am now serving as president. In addition, I helped establish and currently serve as president of the Lamar chapter of AAUP. I attend the twice-yearly state meetings and have met and worked with faculty from many other universities. I have served the College of Arts and Sciences at Lamar by chairing the Dean’s Advisory Council for twelve consecutive years. We work on special projects assigned to us by the dean, and we host her Awards Ceremony every spring. I have chaired numerous committees at Lamar and enjoy working with faculty and for faculty interests. I look forward to serving in a leadership position of the statewide Texas Faculty Association.

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