DACA Statement


According to the Dallas Morning News, within Texas there are estimated to be 141,000 DACA recipients representing 6.1 billion dollars of annual economic activity. Many of these individuals are our colleagues, co-workers, and friends. Many of these individuals are our hard working students. As educators we are primarily focused on assuring the human right of educational access for all Texas students. As faculty advocates we are passionate about protecting the rights of our community members. As proud Texans we support those who are educated here, obey our laws, pay required taxes, and contribute as members of our communities.

The Texas Faculty Association then calls upon our National and State leadership to make DACA considerations an immediate legislative item and seek to create a legal pathway for DACA recipients to remain within their vital roles in our communities. Texas has always been proud of the dreamers who founded our state. We support the DREAMERS in our midst today. You are home and we are proud to have you.


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